The 7th International Symposium on Flash Floods in Wadi Systems

Flash Floods and Sediment Management in Wadi Systems in the context of Climate Change
Tlemcen, Algeria, 5-7June 2023

Since 2015, the International Symposium on Flash Floods in Wadi Systems (ISFF) series has continuously provided valuable guidance and scientific content not only for academics, researchers, and students but also for decision-makers in Africa and the MENA region and worldwide. The wadi system is an integral part of Africa’s hydrological and environmental setting, especially in the north part, which experiences climatic changes with significant consequences for the stream-flows. This region is increasingly facing aridity problems and water scarcity promoting high erosion and sediment transport.
There is an obvious need for understanding the climate change impacts that are taking place in wadi systems. The symposium will focus on the effects of climatic change on water resources and addresses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of erosion, sediment transport, and sedimentation processes for managing and mitigating these impacts.
Hosted by the Pan-African University, Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate change), and EOLE Laboratory, University of Tlemcen, Algeria, the 7th edition of the International Symposium on Flash Floods in Wadi Systems (ISFF) is an international conference on all aspects of Wadi Systems in Africa and the MENA region in the context of Climate Change. It aims to provide a forum for the exchange and highlight different scientific research disciplines related to wadi flash floods and sediment management in the context of climate change.
The scientific part of the ISFF-2023 will include plenary sessions of keynote speakers’ presentations and parallel sessions in which invited papers, and public documents will be presented in oral form. There will also be poster presentation sessions. All the articles submitted will go through a review process caring for quality. Accepted papers of the registered
authors will be published in the ISFF-2023 proceedings. Upon the symposium closer, high-quality papers will be considered, in extended form, for publication in our special issues of a renowned international journal.
The social part of the ISFF-2023 will include a welcome session and a tour to major touristic sites in Tlemcen. During the symposium, awards such as best paper will also be given to acknowledge the high quality of work of the participants.